The Times – Cryptic – May 16 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 010477
Clues Answers
‘May there be no ____ of farewell’ (Tennyson) SADNESS
A bit of a fight SCRAP
A girl’s in love, madly, with new creations ORIGINALS
A song about a cur tangled in a monkey-puzzle ARAUCARIA
Capital is in order in toy-making TOKYO
Card-sharpers returning from the Holy Land? PALMERS
Disturb order of words for its antonym UPSET
Does it, say, intimidate yachting visitors? COWES
Exercise that Rex expects back in this EXERT
Five enter in water off 9, or in Queer Street INSOLVENT
Grand to do nothing but mend broken windows GLAZE
He supplies daily intelligence on the Scottish factor NEWSAGENT
I came unstuck in voting that’s controversial POLEMICAL
Judge taking in old writer almost makes a bloomer JONQUIL
Julius Caesar’s ultimate loss life-blood
Leads in The Rivals can be performed — easily managed TRACTABLE
Maybe see about film cuts of the black-out ECLIPSE
New part exchange arrangement in Belgium ANTWERP
No agent misrepresented cargo capacity TONNAGE
Novelist, craft type MASON
Over a pint needed to get engineer tiddly LITRE
Phone about broken lutes ( ____ in their repair?) RESULTING
Put back flag, make speech and vanish EVAPORATE
Put up bird outside a native village KRAAL
Sailor makes difficult tack in a vessel jack tar
Standard direction to grammar students PARSE
Stone dead, his foes PERSEUS
Student hopes to get room changed SOPHOMORE
The Hamlet thing being one of them PLAYS
Thus shortens said — to avoid these dangers? REEFS
Visited by Puck in twenty minutes? ANTIPODES
Where master is involved in craze of living off the land farm-stead
The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1092
Clues Answers
A naturalist primarily twitches for larks ANTICS
A sound defence aiding nightwatchman? burglar alarm
Affectedly sing end of witty poem by Pound YODEL
Avoid old magistrate after pocketing diamonds DODGE
Biting cereal noisily WRY
Blunder as US hospital department shortened radius ERR
Cautious statement fellow had withdrawn for example HEDGE
Conversation arising in Greek/Latin TALK
Craft sure to be hired for remote islands outer hebrides
Crazed singer swallowing unknown medical item SYRINGE
Engineer ran good railroad DRAGOON
Help close a hotel in the country lend a hand
Liberal judge restyled Banjul a capital LJUBLJANA
Loud workmen I’d recast in radio play under milk wood
Playing lute etc in Cos? LETTUCE
Put back part of wall on Kentish hill KNOLL
Result of getting teeth stuck into Hawthorn, perhaps SAWDUST
Sharp American spies returned to protect detectives ACIDIC
Some memory of Scottish garment bearing Japanese sash KILOBIT
Son tries gardening tool SHEARS
The very best peach biscuit cream cracker
There’s tons in cigars that’s bad for the stomach GASTRIC
Time to embrace ruffian THUG
To step backwards in part of shoe TOECAP
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