The Guardian – Quick – May 15 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,983 – May 15 2018 Crossword Puzzle Answers

Clues Answers
Be, do or have, for example, grammatically — I buy Rex a rival (anag) AUXILIARYVERB
Beach vehicle with large tyres DUNEBUGGY
Beer maker BREWER
Confounded FLUMMOXED
Forecast software problem for New Year’s Day 2000 MILLENNIUMBUG
Forever ALWAYS
Gesundheit! BLESSYOU
Ground almond paste MARZIPAN
Hazard RISK
Journalese or legalese, say? JARGON
Lughole EAR
Middle-of-the-road reflectors CATSEYES
Monotony BOREDOM
Negation of what follows NOT
Nutty sweet NOUGAT
Relating to relationships INTERPERSONAL
Semi-solid mass — dunce CLOT
Series of small amounts DRIBSANDDRABS
Shoulder movement SHRUG
Skilled ABLE
Thick cotton cloth DENIM
Two nickels DIME
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