The Washington Post Sunday – April 1 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘… it may be risky to describe it this way …’ DAREISAY
‘Cut me ___ slack!’ SOME
‘Giant’ author Ferber EDNA
‘Hair’ piece? ACT
‘It ain’t gonna happen’ NOPE
‘Mars Attacks!’ fleet UFOS
‘That’s probably true’ GUESSSO
‘___ Misérables’ LEXS
*’Rebecca’ producer DAVIDSELZNICK
*Cold War leader HARRYTRUMAN
*Geneva-born automotive pioneer RANSOMOLDS
*Independent Spirit Award-winning star of ‘Pulp Fiction’ SAMUELJACKSON
*Notable socialist presidential candidate EUGENEDEBS
2017 World Series champions ASTROS
About, on a memo INRE
Afternoon social drinks TEAS
Alan of ‘The Aviator’ ALDA
Anti-snow man, briefly? NARC
Antiquated pronoun YEX
Approximate distance of four laps around the track, in track and field ONEMILE
Basilica section APSE
Beasts in Tarzan novels APES
Big geographical expanse across the Four Corners states PLATEAU
Blackens TARS
Blakely who founded the shapewear brand Spanx SARA
Body of water that’s built in the board game Terraforming Mars OCEAN
Body part with a drum EAR
Bond player Connery SEAN
Bosnian or Bosniak SLAV
Burns things? VERSES
Bush once in the White House LAURA
Cage of ‘Rage,’ informally NIC
Chants sans inflection INTONES
Chum PAL
Collection of state highway maps ROADATLAS
Complete drubbing ROUT
Compute a total ADD
Concepts NOTIONS
Corsair’s milieu SEA
Covers, as ground SODS
Creepy plaything in a horror film DOLL
Criticize harshly SLAM
Dessert hurled during a classic food fight scene in the 1965 film ‘The Great Race’ PIXE
Didn’t go on ENDED
Disregard the script ADLIB
Don of morning radio IMUS
Druids’ sacred trees OAKS
English hunting canine POINTER
Expected result NORM
Feature of an essay THEME
Felix’s sitcom surname UNGER
Firefox alternative CHROME
First name in jazz ELLA
Floored it SPED
Following a prescribed regimen, informally ONMEDS
Food that may be covered in tobiko SUSHI
Former queen born in D.C NOOR
French city on the Orne CAEN
Garofalo of ‘Mystery Men’ JANEANE
Generic dog name REX
Giants slugger Mel OTT
Gives an edge to HONES
Got into a mess? ATE
Granola bar tidbit OAT
Have a dream, say SLEEP
Hero of ‘The Matrix’ NEO
Home pages? DEEDS
Hypotheticals IFS
ID first issued in 1936 SSN
In the style of ALXA
Indefinite ordinal NTH
Ingredient in a zombie RUM
Clues Answers
Instruction for finding more information SEENOTE
Intersect (Link, Part 2) CROSS
It covers the leftovers SARAN
It often lasts for years ERA
Item with cups BRA
James of ‘Elf’ CAAN
Kid sister of Yakko and Wakko on ‘Animaniacs’ (Link, Part 3) DOT
Kvetching exclamation OYVEY
Last part of the link that’s missing from this puzzle XXXXX
Lawn bowling game BOCCE
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Letters of immediacy ASAP
Longtime Syrian leader ASSAD
Looks at impolitely OGLES
Lounge for big shots, briefly VIPROOM
Lower, price-wise (Link, Part 5) SLASH
Make less tight LOOSEN
Many godparents AUNTS
Media mogul who starred in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ OPRAH
Metadata-collecting org NSA
Metamorphic stage LARVA
Metro route locations STOPS
Morse code syllable DAH
NBA game site ARENA
Opportunity to slay, say SOLO
Org alternative (Link, Part 4) COM
Outperformed TOPPED
Part of a dark suit SPADE
Part of a drum set SNARE
Part of BYOB OWN
Part of QED ERAT
Perón of Argentina EVA
Petting zoo camelid LLAMA
Petty squabble SPAT
Pithy bit of wisdom ADAGE
Post a comment on a political blog, say OPINE
Postal abbr. of Helena’s state MXT
Primly restrained STAID
Procrastinate big-time LAZE
Program recorder TIVO
Project (out) JUT
Prom hairstyle, maybe UPDO
Prosecutors, briefly DAS
Red Halloween outfit, typically (Link, Part 1) DEVIL
Remove, as a DVD EJECT
Reporters’ stations DESKS
Ring bearers? SPOUSES
Showed shame BLUSHED
Shows curiosity ASKS
Sicilian stratovolcano ETNA
SMTWTFS, collectively WEEK
Snow day vehicles PLOWS
Sorrowful state SADNESS
Soviet spy in John le Carré novels KARLA
Stick around STAY
Streamed lecture TEDTALK
Street ___ (rep) CRED
Succumb to gravity SAG
Time to turn in? DEADLINE
Title in colonial India SAHIB
To no ___ AVAIL
Turner on the radio? DIAL
Way to go, way up high AIRLANE
Wedding cake sections LAYERS
Well-intentioned sort? OILTYCOON
Wertmüller who was the first woman to be nominated for a best-director Oscar LINA
___ Aviv TEL
___ cry (sobbing that results in unpleasant contortions of the face) UGLY
___ diet (modern fad, ironically) PALEO
___ Jeanne d’Arc STE
___ vera ALOE
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