Universal – March 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 

Clues Answers
“… more, ___ merrier!” THE
“… o’clock and ___ well” ALLIS
“Ciao, Brutus” AVE
11-pointer in a casino ACE
45th state athlete UTE
A pro in Indiana PACER
Agitated condition SNIT
Authored WROTE
Babes in arms INFANTS
Bach output FUGUE
Be just shy of riotous CAUSEASCENE
Beam up? RAFTER
Beats barely EDGES
Bracket-braced window ORIEL
Braved rapids RAFTED
Case solvers SLEUTHS
Cathedral areas NAVES
Century-old phonograph VICTROLA
Chimpanzee, e.g APE
Circle makers ARCS
Coffee holder CUP
Come in third LOSE
Common pet CAT
Devourer EATER
Doesn’t have LACKS
Easy basket LAYIN
Evergreen oozing PINESAP
Everly Brothers girl SUSIE
Federal agent, briefly GMAN
Fond du ___ LAC
Frigid temperature range TEENS
Hamburger unit PATTY
Hidden away CACHED
Id’s counterpart EGO
Import duties TARIFFS
Kicks to the curb, really EVICTS
King’s menu leader ALA
Large vessel VAT
Leash relatives TETHERS
Less prosperous NEEDIER
Light, cheery tunes LILTS
Like a swan GRACEFUL
Like the best wines AGED
Mexican snacks TACOS
Miscalculate ERR
More jaded WEARIER
Nice stretch of land TRACT
One getting the credit? ACTOR
PI kin TEC
Plumbing fitting TEE
Polecat relative OTTER
Right nice for washing SUDSY
South African wagon fort LAAGER
Spitting mad IRATE
Suffix that maximizes EST
Tend to laces TIE
The absolute best (Abbr.) ULT
They’re hiked PATHS
Thing to pole down SLOPE
Thunder in a play, e.g SOUNDEFFECT
Tough question POSER
Uncle Sam’s target YOU
Void a warranty CAUSEDAMAGE
Walking aids CANES
Witchcraft SORCERY
With no one else ALONE
Word with “form” ENTRY
___ off (began a round) TEED
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