The Sun – Two Speed – March 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 

Clues Answers
A little wind disrupts the bar BREATH
Abandon a trench DITCH
Accountant on board has a wallet, right? PURSER
Admit to inane verse? Certainly not! NEVER
Aluminium ore BAUXITE
Answer question about a second match REPLAY
Artist’s stand EASEL
Ascending RISING
At no time NEVER
Bail organised, one having provided legal defence ALIBI
Blacks out in fast movement FAINTS
Blue liqueur CURACAO
Boss, captain LEADER
British, English and American fish BREAM
Carp-like fish BREAM
Chief steward PURSER
Circumvent AVOID
Concerning ABOUT
Concerning a spell ABOUT
Confused without a profit ATALOSS
Constant ETERNAL
Copper gets a vehicle to reverse over liqueur CURACAO
Country – is one into fish? TUNISIA
Courtroom defence ALIBI
Embraced clue with three D’s, cryptically CUDDLED
Exhaled air BREATH
Follow-up match REPLAY
Get rid of DITCH
Go beyond EXCEED
Go round a pit AVOID
Is in the band, on the up RISING
Judge if a set price is about the right amount ARBITRATE
Large shops EMPORIA
Lease out studio stand EASEL
Lower name and number NETHER
Military survey RECCE
North African country TUNISIA
Old seed we’re told to do well EXCEED
Opera I’m composing for trading centres EMPORIA
Part of a tyre poorly rated TREAD
Passes out FAINTS
Primary supernatural being ELEMENTAL
Ran amok RIOTED
Scold when a beret is torn BERATE
South American city boy ran amok RIOTED
Style of farm building suggests humbleness MODESTY
The German follows meadow guide LEADER
Unending switches are lent ETERNAL
Verbally spoil this French survey RECCE
Wound round cross, after gold compound BAUXITE
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  1. 7 months ago
    Hilary Walton

    Please can the sun update the two speed crossword from the 17th August. It is now the 20th thank you


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