Metro – 28 February 2018 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Act of rubbing out ERASURE
Adios! BYE
Articulated puppet MARIONETTE
Awards or tributes ACCOLADES
Became mature AGED
Beheading machines GUILLOTINES
Belonging to that ITS
Board game CHESS
Car bodywork repairer (5,6) PANEL BEATER
Coarser (hair) WIRIER
Commuter vehicle BUS
Cracking code DECIPHERING
Desperate FRANTIC
Disc jockeys (1,2) DJS
Documents carrier BRIEFCASE
Drink delicately SIP
Dusk to dawn NIGHT
Fury IRE
Genuine, bona … FIDE
Grumbler MOANER
Kitchen appliance DISHWASHER
Live coal EMBER
Marriage relative (2-3) INLAW
Natural disaster, … wave TIDAL
Selected CHOSE
Sings on street BUSKS
Snack, afternoon … TEA
Trivial lie FIB
Tropical jelly-making fruit GUAVA
Unwell ILL
Water, Adam’s … ALE
Winched up HOISTED
Worked hard SLOGGED
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