Cryptic – 28 February 2018 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
About end of the war, friend turned out to be emergency worker FIREWARDEN
Against Dickensian villain being beheaded AGIN
Agreement regarding structure in metropolis CONFORMITY
Bet a piranha will eat a mammal TAPIR
Chartism’s campaigning for annual festival CHRISTMAS
Company with consignments of French meat and eggs? DELIVEROO
Difficult to get hold of, like a mule? SLIPPERY
Dress mom in pants? They’re said to be up to date MODERNISMS
Entering refurbished deli, number formed a queue LINED
Family member unwell in village after vacation somewhere in Normandy GRANVILLE
Fruit and vegetable chart PEACH
Gradually take in summary of news DIGEST
Great number massacred SLEW
Guarantee time at hospital dept will lead to a cure? BETTERMENT
Initially deputy head keeps register: that’s very amusing DROLLNESS
Injure one’s skin CUTIS
Like a snake? Traveller hit it, reversing REPTILIAN
Maybe perfect tapes sent for review PAST TENSE
News about a sea-mist coming up in Irish port WATERFORD
Official participating in more events REEVE
Old musician’s dirty-sounding vehicle SULLIVAN
Recaps unusual predicament SCRAPE
Run away fast, for the most part FLEE
See about making connection with new Italian star LOREN
Send six balls towards the wicket? Wow! BOWLOVER
Shocks friend, stuck in part of church briefly APPALS
Shortly acquire knowledge involving Hungary’s principal composer LEHAR
Shrewd walker heading west around a northern port ARCHANGEL
Sinatra’s first record, a big hit SLOG
Small drink knocked over – display of anger results STROP
Very old, prudish woman left behind PRIMEVAL
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