Cryptic – 25 February 2018 Crossword Answers

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Constituent initially ignored by Independent politician’s agent IMPLEMENT
Dead against new nurses beginning to vouch for an unfavourable state of affairs DISADVANTAGE
Discerning of poet to stand by earliest of comments quoted on the radio CLEARSIGHTED
Dismiss more reserved account put up earlier CASHIER
Draw close to elephant in the heart of uncharted territory ATTRACT
Extended period of imprisonment received by debarred journalist OUTSTRETCHED
False allegations the French dismissed as homesickness NOSTALGIA
Freedom from restraint shown by Penny’s trite remark PLATITUDE
Happen to miss bit of practice before batting in county game CASSINO
Head of planning apt to be easily influenced PLIABLE
Hurt after I said something very ugly EYESORE
Intend to put on torn clothing RAIMENT
It’s Dean playing as a substitute INSTEAD
Just before time of incident EVENT
Kind of dog bed found in street on the outskirts of Ilfracombe SCOTTIE
Not usual in America to leave additional space at end of page EXTREME
Opposed by those resolved to protect the borders of Israel HOSTILE
Pioneering advocate for a permanent military establishment near the centre of Hartlepool APOSTLE
Points to a ring around sink resembling fat ADIPOSE
Quiet for a gun they say PEACE
Resentment evident in letter about the source of Brexit madness UMBRACE
Run into dog close to home INCURE
Senseless to get beginners in immunology doing investigations of the ear IDIOTIC
Showing signs of anger old soul singer describes being regularly disregarded REDDENING
Survive on the way up by the ability to recognise a harmful glance EVILEYE
Unworthy of goddess left in race when disregarding the rules BELOW THE BELT
Vehicle originally departing from Parisian company’s design style ART DECO
Vulnerable at the outset before crossing German border VERGE Cryptic – 25 February 2018 Crossword Answers | admin | 4.5