Wall Street Journal – February 13 2018 – Crossword Answers

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Wall Street Journal – Feb 13 2018 – Four Aces  

Clues Answers
‘Check this time slot later’ TBD
‘Fargo’ brothers COENS
‘Friend Like Me’ singer in ‘Aladdin’ GENIE
‘It’s too much to deal with right now’ ICANTEVEN
‘Mack the Knife’ composer WEILL
‘Take a chill pill!’ RELAX
‘This is only ___…’ ATEST
‘___ No Sunshine’ AINT
1930s bombers BTENS
Alternative to Camembert BRIE
Alternative to Gouda EDAM
Angelic instruments HARPS
Apprehend NAB
Bakery buy RYE
Bakery buy LOAF
Bar choice ALE
Blazing AFIRE
Body spray brand AXE
Business where you might get hitched UHAUL
Camel remnant BUTT
Capone pursuers TMEN
Card game that’s also a complaint OHHELL
Cardiologists’ readings, for short EKGS
Characteristic TRAIT
Checks the weight of, in a way HEFTS
Clumsy landing THUD
Committee head CHAIR
Compress SMUSH
Davis of ‘Dangerous’ BETTE
Declare invalid ANNUL
Developer’s showcase MODELHOME
Do a great job as a glassware manufacturer? ROCKTUMBLERS
Do a great job as a three-card monte dealer? KILLSWITCHES
Do a great job as a U.S. Mint employee? RULECHANGE
Do a great job as an attack dog? NAILBITING
Do-mi-so, for one TRIAD
Early spring bloomers CROCI
Filly feature MANE
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Hydroelectric projects DAMS
Juicy fruit PEAR
Jury’s determination GUILT
Laid one on, so to speak KISSED
Leafy stimulant COCA
Like some tension SEXUAL
Like vinegar ACETIC
Luau instruments UKES
Main idea GIST
Moved cautiously EDGED
New Haven Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Opposite of ‘avec’ SANS
Origami need PAPER
Pitcher Cobb ALEX
Popular thing for seniors to play HOOKY
Prescription indication DOSAGE
Price for a hand ANTE
Proof you have a lot DEED
QB Jared Goff, for one LARAM
Reduced amount LESS
Response to an insult, maybe SLAP
School hallway prohibition, for short PDA
Senator Orrin Hatch’s state UTAH
Senior OLDER
She turned Callisto into a bear HERA
Six-time All-Star Rusty STAUB
Skillfully dodge ELUDE
Some gametes OVA
Some Vegas entertainment MAGIC
Surfeit GLUT
Surrounded by AMID
Terse warning DONT
They’re often flaky PIECRUSTS
Throw away TOSS
Used the trough FED
VA doctor’s specialty PTSD
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