USA Today – February 13 2018 Tuesday Crossword Answers

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USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 13 2018 Tuesday 

“___ amuse you?” DO I
“30 Rock” character Lemon LIZ
“Cool” amount of cash MIL
“If I Ruled the World” rapper NAS
“Skedaddle!” GO AWAY
“Terrible” phase TWOS
“Thar ___ blows!” SHE
___ up on (studied) BONED
5 percent, in the Beatles’ “Taxman” NET
Airbus competitor BOEING
Arnaz of “I Love Lucy” DESI
Art class wear SMOCK
Attendants at catering halls VALETS
Ballpark vendor’s wares BEER
Bassoon’s cousin OBOE
Black, to a poet EBON
Blacken, as steak CHAR
Blows it ERRS
Boatbuilding wood TEAK
Break away, like the CSA states SECEDE
Breakfast item created by John Harvey Kellogg CORNFLAKES
Brief scrap SET TO
Brings the curtain down on ENDS

Bushy ‘do

Carrying ___ to Newcastle (pointless action) COAL
Chews the fat YAKS
Circusgoer’s gasp OOH
Clumsy move MISSTEP
Company that produced the movies in the first parts of 18-, 26- and 46-Across WALT DISNEY
CSI lab material DNA
Detective’s find LEAD
Eggs in fertility labs OVA
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Freaking out MANIC
Goes back (on) RENEGES
Grasso of Connecticut politics ELLA
How arias are sung ALONE
How scoldings are given STERNLY
Italy’s shape BOOT
Ivory or Coast SOAP
Kerfuffle ADO
Leer at OGLE
Like sheep OVINE
Long ___ (poor chance at winning) ODDS
Mechanism on a Winchester Model 70 rifle BOLT ACTION
Moby-Dick, notably WHALE
Moors, as a boat TIES UP
Much of Green Giant’s wares FROZEN FOOD
Needing a seatbelt extender, say OBESE
Nemesis of Othello IAGO
Part of a home heating system OIL TANK
Penny-pinching CHEAP
Place for a latte CAFE
Place to touch down TARMAC
Post-op program REHAB
Proofreader’s catch TYPO
Pulled a scam on HOODWINKED
Redcoat, to a Minuteman ENEMY
Retail giant started by a 17-year-old Swede IKEA
Ripped off STOLE
Sharer’s pronoun OURS
Soderbergh who directed “Traffic” STEVEN
South Florida city, briefly BOCA
Stake in a congressional election SEAT
State as fact ASSERT
Subjects for debates TOPICS

Suffix with neat or beat

Swellheads’ problems EGOS
The Windy City, for short CHI
Throw back, as heat or sound REFLECT
Triangular chip DORITO
TV advertiser’s purchase AIRTIME
Unwelcome IRS action AUDIT
Wear for Judge Judy ROBE
What “we weave,” in a Walter Scott poem TANGLED WEB
Wrestling milieu MUD
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