Universal – February 13 2018 Tuesday Crossword Answers

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Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 13 2018 Tuesday



“___ Lang Syne” AULD
“___ Upon a Time” ONCE
“Muffin” add-on RAGA
___ fide (dishonestly) MALA
20 hundred pounds TONITE
Additional prayers? MORE ACTS OF FAITH
Attractively slender SVELTE
Bach composition FUGUE
Bashful COY
Blood fluids SERA
Bold immodesty EGO
Bouillabaisse, e.g. STEW
Business card abbr. TEL
Calamitous DIRE
Clumsy brutes LOUTS
Crafts like Noah’s ARKS
Cross the plate SCORE
Dash lengths ENS
Data or news INFO

Deduce logically

Didn’t turn over KEPT
Dinner with a crust POT PIE
Do hair STYLE
Enjoy a 55-Across EAT
Firebug’s crime ARSON
Flower of Holland TULIP
Freeze over ICEUP
Guarantee plus? EXTRA ACCOUNT FOR
Hairpieces WIGS
Heady quaffs ALES
How Archie Bunker thought BIGOTEDLY
Human rake ROUE

Legend’s relative?

Leisurely runners LOPERS
Like candles WAXY
Like much lingerie LACY
Marine eagle ERNE
Meat cut LOIN
Mouth watering? SALIVA
Musician Puente TITO
Musician/artist Yoko ONO
Native American infant PAPOOSE

Neither here ___ there

New Zealand native MAORI
Next after ex WYE
Not his HERS
Not now THEN
Open grassland in Africa VELDT
Owl say! HOOT
Pine or cashew NUT
Plantation residence MANOR
Poppycock kin PISH
Prefix with “allergenic” TYPO
Remain STAY
Resting on ATOP
Sea duck SMEW
Secrets of a special group ARCANA
Seed cover ARIL
Sewing case ETUI
Shah surname PAHLAVI
Ski trail PISTE
Starts dozing NODSOFF
Sub sandwich HERO
Switch position OFF
TV’s “Better Call ___” SAUL
Typical ground cover GRASS
Wager BET
Watched thing? TIME
Water park attractions SLIDES
Went after a pitch, rurally SWANG
What won’t come clean? TOO DIRTY LAUNDRY
Wild American plum SLOE
Word with “blood” TYPE
Word with “sing” ALONG
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