The Times – Cryptic – February 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26960
Clues Answers
… and not half common! NOR
Article Irish left in travel complex AIRPORT
Assist in a B movie? ABET
Bird from south currently settled on tailor’s iron snow goose
City given prestigious award — I’m surprised! OMAHA
Craftsman lives with terrier at first in Atlantic islands ARTISAN
Early childhood, I suspect, includes introduction to neighbours INFANCY
Educated Liberal fuming about note LITERATE
Expenditure not in place OUTLAY
Fellow celeb originally idolised around mountainous state costa rica
Former language bores actor when translated serbo-croat
Hero’s lover’s name revealed in editorial LEANDER
In Times, article following first of Reith lectures TIRADES
Leningrad’s unusual variety of shore bird SANDERLING
Like second coffee? Send out new aide ASSISTANT
Man after a vote and a nervous affliction — that’s self-evident AXIOMATIC
Meanie in firm is erratic … MISER
Month one catches girl from East dressing? MAYONNAISE
Musical work: I must be inspired holy writ? NONET
Northerner initially moaning on beds in sick bay SCOTSMAN
Old ruler head of school dropped in flipping grass TSAR
Reportedly observe and intimidate marine mammal sea cow
Runner possibly taking over party BEANO
Seasoned food served by girl with friend in Paris SALAMI
See about getting artist involved in examination ORAL
Senior officer given bill covering case of gin and brandy COGNAC
Setback for old archbishop’s double DUAL
Sheriff’s officer spat furiously during argument TIPSTAFF
Want son to entertain the French? That’s uncalled-for NEEDLESS
Wind instrument delivered — advantage husband accepted basset horn
Work laboriously, lacking time to get fuel OIL
The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1026
Clues Answers
A try, first in game, gets one keyed up AGOG
Brusque, in daughter’s estimation TERSE
Bureaucracy gradually reduced, switching parts around red tape
Disclosed stake in remote settlement OUTPOST
Endless series of notes I associated with a Shakespearean character OCTAVIA
Extremely amusing team parting company side-splitting
Fish dish: American having hot one after starter of salad SUSHI
Gather a large amount AMASS
Gay song in the fresh Cole Porter musical anything goes
He won’t, I hope, in new children’s book winnie-the-pooh
Hear about old system of weights TROY
Heavily decorated knight entering to make a speech ORNATE
In spare time, read about hermit EREMITE
Keen on securing right opening INTRO
Lengthen lease, depressed let down
Make progress in good public school get on
Odd exclamation of surprise in card game RUMMY
On the increase, arguments following golf GROWING
Part of horoscope about a domineering woman VIRAGO
Porter collecting mail for messenger APOSTLE
Satisfy publican at the start, with tenancy contract PLEASE
Utterly exhausted, one breaking racket done in
Virginia meeting large deer is to leave hurriedly VAMOOSE
Wild wolves tailed? A myth old wives tale
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