The Times – Concise – February 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 7574
Clues Answers
Abrasive mineral EMERY
Act (in a specified way) BEHAVE
Advance; clear room make way
Annual race at Epsom DERBY
Astonished AMAZED
Belt; group of musicians BAND
Bind; knot TIE
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Breed of horse ARAB
Carbonated water SODA
Counting frame ABACUS
Escape; short holiday GETAWAY
Form of gypsum ALABASTER
In the time following AFTER
John —, English poet DRYDEN
Large deer MOOSE
Male shop worker SALESMAN
Metrical foot IAMB
Military rank GENERAL
Not on OFF
Orally, in speech VERBALLY
Package PARCEL
Personal possession CHATTEL
Safeguard; certainty SURETY
Sensational play MELODRAMA
Soothing song LULLABY
Valuable stolen goods BOOTY
Very loyal DEVOTED
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