The Telegraph – Quick – February 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Quick – Feb 12 2018  

Clues Answers
1940s US dance JITTERBUG
Attitude STANCE
Circus insect? FLEA
Counting symbol NUMERAL
Deep breath SIGH
Difficult journey on foot TREK
Disguise MASK
Freshwater fish CARP
Greek cheese FETA
Imaginary dividing line AXIS
Interpreter of mouth movements LIPREADER
Mini-mog? KITTEN
Mountain range SIERRA
Muslim ruler SULTAN
Ornamental disc on a chain MEDALLION
Pass gas through AERATE
Promotion HYPE
Refusal DENIAL
Russian currency ROUBLE
Small horse PONY
Small motor vehicles GOKARTS
Spanish wine CAVA
Staggered AMAZED
Swell GROW
Visit a restaurant EATOUT
Warm underwear LONGJOHNS
Wide, straight road AVENUE
Wine server CARAFE
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