The Telegraph – Cryptic – February 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Feb 12 2018 

Clues Answers
A dummy upside down, detached ALOOF
Bird in poem, unusual EMU
Capital of Turkey, individual urban area TOWN
Conservative footballer? RIGHTWINGER
Country shed swiped by outlaw BHUTAN
Data within government department INFO
Difficult situation upsetting medic and parent PREDICAMENT
Do go doolally, finally PARTY
Encouraging rebellion ending in contentious issue SEDITION
Fake coin as used in place of betting? CASINO
Find something round on top DISCOVER
Form stream for teacher MASTER
French writer, never translated VERNE
Garment that’s worn by King Edward? JACKET
Irish meeting English displeasure IRE
Keen on the triple jump but very sore HOPPINGMAD
Kitchen items break when knocked over PANS
Lead dealer set off STARTOUT
Limit holiday over wet weather RESTRAIN
Man is hot during dance BISHOP
Manly coat how short? MACHO
Money stolen — part of workers’ wage-packets SWAG
Neat mind, arranged as a file INTANDEM
Odd bits in sink, one very strong smell! SNIFF
Reveal top horse SHOWJUMPER
Ship belonging to this person, back MINESWEEPER
Treading falteringly, something to climb? GRADIENT
Unfashionable deerstalker, perhaps OLDHAT
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