The Sun – Two Speed – February 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Sun – Two Speed – Feb 13 2018 Crossword Puzzle Answers

Clues Answers
A bison runs to small tree BONSAI
A turbulent lake for Cub pack leader AKELA
Able to wait PATIENT
Abolish SCRAP
Adjust feathers PREEN
Aim high ASPIRE
Awaken ROUSE
Best wishes REGARDS
Bitter regret REMORSE
Blood vessel discovered in Australia or Tasmania AORTA
Breeze to subside during parachute landings AIRDROP
Clean pair, born to be raised PREEN
Commercial ADVERT
Commercial rated appalling, five claimed ADVERT
Considers sending message of goodwill REGARDS
Cub pack leader AKELA
Deny root’s been dug over REBUT
Deride, mock TAUNT
Dispatch REMIT
Distress or utter agony TORTURE
Dwarf tree BONSAI
Fight is rubbish SCRAP
First to tell relative of mocking remark TAUNT
Forcibly enter seaside construction by church PIERCE
He’s getting up part of the stairs RISER
Heart vessel AORTA
High spot for first lady and others EVEREST
Highest mountain EVEREST
Hope to see a steeple ASPIRE
I tarry after ordering scarce object RARITY
Increase your stake UPTHEANTE
Inept at treating sick person PATIENT
Lorry fuel DIESEL
Make a hole in PIERCE
Mammal chained to rock ECHIDNA
Merchandiser DEALER
Mollusc displaying a temper in divinity GASTROPOD
One who distributes packs by hand? DEALER
Parachute delivery AIRDROP
Part of a stair RISER
Partially smart, fully sly ARTFUL
Pasta dish RAVIOLI
Pasta right for a fiddle, unfinished RAVIOLI
Put ethane compound to raise your stake UPTHEANTE
Scarce object RARITY
Scattered spears, slightly out of place SPARSE
Some err badly and feel contrition for it REMORSE
Spiny anteater ECHIDNA
They are endlessly, awfully coarse EARTHY
Type of train from Leeds I vandalised DIESEL
Wake up right by the river ROUSE
Watch back, seeing area of responsibility REMIT
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