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”Golden” song OLDIE
”Now I get it!” AHA
”Turn up the heat!” BRR
”Venus de __” MILO
A Great Lake ERIE
Add up TALLY
Assistant AIDE
Assists in wrongdoing ABETS
Balloon-bursting sound POP
Be deceitful LIE
Board game with pawns CHESS
Carryall bags TOTES
Cause to be late DELAY
Couch SOFA
Do an accounting check BALANCETHEBOOKS
Entryway DOOR
Feelings of hunger PANGS
Fender ding DENT
Forehead BROW
Fresh-mouthed SASSY
Group in power REGIME
Guiding principle CREDO
Guys on commission SALESMEN
Hair untanglers COMBS
Have a meal EAT
Held on to KEPT
Hill-building insects ANTS
Horse’s striped cousin ZEBRA
In a competent manner ABLY
Informal greeting HIYA
Inquire ASK
Japanese money YEN
Laptops that aren’t Apples: Abbr PCS
Light browns TANS
Mail-chute opening SLOT
Mailed away SENT
Makes less burdensome EASES
Many a Mideast native ARAB
Midday snooze NAP
Misfortunes WOES
Never changing CONSTANT
Of the Vatican PAPAL
Officeholders, for short POLS
Old Testament paradise EDEN
Out of view UNSEEN
Outlawed insecticide DDT
Pets that purr CATS
Pick up from the floor LIFT
Prepare, as tea BREW
Ram of the zodiac ARIES
Razor sharpener STROP
Recommend TOUT
Russian’s refusal NYET
Scarlet and crimson REDS
Scarlett of ”Gone With the Wind” OHARA
Showery month APRIL
Shrub used as a fence HEDGE
Skeptic’s remark YEAHSURE
Slid down showy slopes SKIED
Slight advantage EDGE
Small bills ONES
Small taste of soup SIP
Smart __ whip ASA
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Spoken out loud ORAL
Sudden windfalls BONANZAS
Swiss mountain ALP
Take suddenly GRAB
Tooth pros’ org ADA
Unfairly, as a boxing punch BELOWTHEBELT
Volunteer’s offer ICAN
Well-coordinated AGILE
Where D.C. is capital USA
Win big at a casino BREAKTHEBANK
Wonderland visitor ALICE
Wrote software CODED
__ and aahs (sounds impressed) OOHS
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