Jonesin’ – February 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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 Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 13 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Black Beauty’ novelist Sewell ANNA
‘Captain Underpants’ creator Pilkey DAV
‘Come ___, we’re expecting you …’ (‘The Love Boat’ theme lyrics) ABOARD
‘Dirty ___ Done Dirt Cheap’ (AC/DC song) DEEDS
‘First of all…’ ONE
‘Girls’ creator Dunham LENA
‘Gosh darn it!’ DRAT
‘Music for Airports’ composer BRIANENO
‘Science Friday’ airer NPR
‘Sesame Street’ character voiced by Ryan Dillon since 2013 ELMO
‘___ right back!’ ILLBE
1/1760th of a mile YARD
2004 Jude Law drama CLOSER
Actor Banderas ANTONIO
Armitage who plays ‘Young Sheldon’ IAIN
Attach, as a button SEWON
Back muscle, for short LAT
Balancing device SCALE
Baled stuff HAY
Baseball Hall of Famer Ripken CAL
Body of water that’s surrounded? WALLEDPOND
Brewhouse brew ALE
Built to ___ SPEC
Came down softly? SNOWED
Changes gradually, graphically MORPHS
Cocoa container MUG
Colorful parrot MACAW
Comic strip character known for saying ‘Ack!’ CATHY
Competition for toys? DOGSHOW
Confident finish? IAL
Connectivity issue LAG
Dress shirt component COLLAR
Equipment used at the Winter Olympics SKIS
European peak ALP
Frosty maker WENDYS
Furniture to display cheesy stuff? KITSCHTABLE
Gambler’s numbers ODDS
Get bigger SWELL
Go faster SPEEDUP
Golf prop TEE
Hot off the presses NEW
Humongous movies EPICS
Incas’ mountains ANDES
Is totally up for nestling in bed? WOULDSPOON
Jai ___ (fast-moving sport) ALAI
Kiwi’s much larger cousin EMU
Landlord’s check RENT
Limber AGILE
Many residents of Erbil in Iraq KURDS
Margarine, colloquially OLEO
Melancholy SAD
Mention a connection, perhaps NAMEDROP
Mumford & ___ SONS
Name in spiral notebooks MEAD
Neither companion NOR
Noddy creator Blyton ENID
Part that’s egg-centric? YOLK
Party appetizer CANAPE
Poet/dramatist Hughes LANGSTON
Pre-flight org TSA
Quirky French title role of 2001 AMELIE
Read a QR code SCAN
Really dislike HATE
Shepherd’s pie bit PEA
Some baseball stats RBIS
Stewart who sang ‘Maggie May’ ROD
Sturdy tree OAK
Sunup to sundown DAY
Symptom that might require eye drops REDNESS
Teensy carpenter ANT
Till the soil PLOW
Tiny mythical creatures on patrol? GUARDGNOMES
Two-___ toilet paper PLY
U.S. : counter(clockwise) :: U.K. : ___(clockwise) ANTI
Underwire’s locale, maybe BRA
Viciousness SAVAGERY
___ Soundsystem LCD
___ Thérèse, Quebec STE
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