Irish Times (Crosaire) – February 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 13 2018

Clues Answers
As a result, chess opening only covers queen’s remarkable gambit ultimately CONSEQUENTLY
Capuchin drops cup of high-quality porcelain CHINA
Church leaders greet rare review that’s a fair bit touchy HIERARCHY
Consider disembowelled dog from foreign museum COGITATE
Deliberately concealed there’s no initial sense in Ulster-Irish alternative ULTERIOR
Doctor and theologian mentioned in column FIDDLE
Energetic part of the play, for example, linked to direction ACTIVE
Englishwoman dismisses moaning from family living in Cardiff WELSH
Father’s sixth sense for a bit of a chicken (4’1,4) POPESNOSE
Get a grip and hold onto individual going to school without a second thought (4,3’1,4) KEEPONESCOOL
Holy cow! Head Office goes back on word to open letter OHDEAR
Incited a disturbance for show INDICATE
Kill resident perhaps with fleur-de-lis opening chess match LILYWHITE
Looking back, envoy lacks heart meeting father figure finally in public EVERYONE
Meter reading in moving Taxi offering array of numbers in rows and columns MATRIX
Missing the first conversation on the greatest chemical base ALKALI
Most of Daisy’s relatives endlessly gracious to a new international traveller COSMOPOLITAN
Most of the produce indulged in local chipper GOODHUMOURED
Old friends of The Stones OPALS
Quantities of cod not part of discount UNITS
Record by attorney general in The House can be seen by opening Internet site HOMEPAGE
Salami spreads over tops of cold cuts and toasts ACCLAIMS
Straight away Irish supporter upset at getting beat INAFLASH
Symbolic type of team playing with power and fair amount of horror METAPHOR
Take on/off mackintoshes in Split? SCHISM
The scraps in the French paper read by the English referring to the bowlers’ sessions LEFTOVERS
To a certain extent, it’s fashionable on holiday? INAWAY
Wit seems to be missing from summer house HUMOUR
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