Wall Street Journal – February 12 2018 – Crossword Puzzle Answers

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Wall Street Journal – Feb 12 2018 – Run Down

Clues Answers
‘Borat’ star ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
‘Gesundheit’ elicitor ACHOO
‘Well golly!’ OHGEE
Be a snitch TELL
Beautician’s workplace SALON
Brandenburg Concertos composer BACH
Bring together UNITE
Brother of Maggie and Lisa BART
Bundle in a barn BALE
City in New York’s Mohawk Valley UTICA
Clock numeral III
Cochlea’s place EAR
Comic strip components PANELS
Compared to THAN
Crunch targets ABS
Demonstrate elasticity STRETCH
Doctors order them TESTS
Downhill runner found in the four longest Across answers SKI
Drunkards SOTS
European elevations ALPS
Even a little ATALL
Eye part LENS
Facebook forerunner MYSPACE
Fish eggs ROE
Frog sound CROAK
Garment for Gaius TOGA
Give up, as a claim WAIVE
Harvests REAPS
Have the opposite effect from what was intended BACKFIRE
However, quaintly ANYWISE
James Garfield’s middle name ABRAM
Laser chaser CAT
Lemon of CNN DON
Like the smell of a keg party BEERY
Mall stand KIOSK
Manhattan area west of the Theater District HELLSKITCHEN
Media packets PRESSKITS
Metal source ORE
Metal-cutting shears SNIPS
Mother’s Day month MAY
Motions of oceans TIDES
Not urban RURAL
Oinker PIGGY
Painter Rousseau HENRI
Peach parts PITS
Pragmatic sort REALIST
Putin’s onetime employer KGB
Rainy WET
Reciprocated, as a feeling MUTUAL
Regretted working out, perhaps ACHED
Religious conviction BELIEF
Response to a bad pun GROAN
Rosebush pest APHID
Rubbed the wrong way IRKED
Scrumptious TASTY
Setting for many Ursula K. Le Guin stories EARTHSEA
Setting of the 2018 Winter Olympics KOREA
Sidestroke swimmer’s leg motion SCISSORSKICK
Sir’s counterpart MADAM
Skeletal ship HULK
Software download format DISKIMAGE
Some whiskeys RYES
Spoil the beauty of MAR
Stockpile CACHE
Store for future use LAYBY
Surprises in stories TWISTS
Take measures ACT
Target for a masseur KINK
The Police and the Lumineers, for example TRIOS
They sometimes clash EGOS
Tofu base SOY
Turn on a point PIVOT
Wax lyrical about EXTOL
Wedding words IDO
Woodsman’s chopper AXE
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