Universal – February 12 2018 Monday Crossword Answers

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Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 12 2018 Monday 

Clues Answers
“B.J. and the ___” BEAR
“Glycerine” start NITRO
“Graph” starters POLYS
“Need anything ___?” ELSE
“The Sheik of ___” (song) ARABY
“___ Darn Cat!” THAT
“___ does it” EASY
… candle at both ___ ENDS
A farm abode STY
Activates STARTS
Antitheft device ALARM
Bakery mainstay OVEN
Be stalled in a line WAIT
Bluish-green hue TEAL
Cause of insurance fraud ARSON
City of Japan OSAKA
Common pack animal BURRO
Connecting word AND
Cracks the books READS
Dental filling INLAY
Detest ABHOR
Dingle Bay site EIRE
Disapprove of nearly everything? KITANDBOOBOODLE
Disheveled MESSY
Dog command STAY
Drip through cracks SEEP
Edible Tahitian root TARO
Event with clowns RODEO
Extended family CLAN
Eye part UVEA
Favoritism or prejudice BIAS
Foretelling signs OMENS
Frenzy MANIA
From a distance AFAR
Gets all frothy FOAMS
Grounded measure? ACRE
Gullible victims SAPS
Highfalutin’ ARTY
Huge sea creature ORCA
Indian garment SARI
It’s corny COB
Let up, as rain ABATE
Like a propped ball TEED
Like slick winter roads ICY
Loanable Halloween material? LIBRARYBOOBOOKS
Love at the Eiffel Tower AMOUR
Make fillets DEBONE
Makes requests ASKS
Middle East native ARAB
Miscellaneous assortments OLIOS
Mistaken bits of wood? BAMBOOBOOSHOOTS
Nears midnight LATENS
Nervous ANTSY
Not busy IDLE
Not frozen or canned FRESH
Oafish sort SHMO
Old place to go? OUTHOUSE
Place of many heroes? SUBWAY
Places to observe plants TERRARIA
Recant UNSAY
Record player HIFI
Ship-to-shore call? AHOY
Sinatra or Turner TINA
Small arguments SPATS
Squeezing creature BOA
Star’s little turn CAMEO
Strong longings YENS
Synagogue book TORAH
Teacher’s teaching LESSON
Thing on your butt? ASH
Trophies and such AWARDS
Type of lab or fingerprint DNA
Unenviable destiny DOOM
With skill ABLY
Yet another time ANEW
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
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