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Clues Answers
”Hey, you!” whisper PSST
100-yard races DASH
Abounded TEEMED
Acts as a guide LEADS
All done ATANEND
All of America’s uncle SAM
Ancient OLD
Artist’s stand EASEL
At a snail’s pace SLOW
Bank’s cash dispenser: Abbr ATM
Bit of falling snow FLAKE
Bouquet holder VASE
Brother’s daughter NIECE
Brownish photo tint SEPIA
Cafeteria food holder TRAY
Change the color of DYE
Countless ages EONS
Crown for a princess TIARA
Decorator’s plans DESIGNS
Deed holder OWNER
Dined at home ATEIN
Do as one’s told OBEY
Emphatic Spanish agreement SISI
Fearless and daring BOLD
Fishing-line holders REELS
Flatten with an iron PRESS
French flat cap BERET
Gives one’s approval OKS
Hang on to KEEP
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Holiday following Lent EASTER
Hurricane center EYE
India’s continent ASIA
Item of value ASSET
Jack’s beanstalk foe GIANT
King, queen or jack CARD
Lift up RAISE
Lines of theater seats ROWS
Longings YENS
Mahogany or maple TREE
Mischievous sprite PIXIE
Mothers of lambs EWES
Net-guarding soccer player GOALIE
Not tight LOOSE
Obtain by trickery FINAGLE
Of greater weight and size HEFTIER
Online auction site EBAY
Opinion piece ESSAY
Page of a book LEAF
Person dreaming of fame WANNABE
Places for students in a classroom DESKS
Raindrop sound PLOP
Real and apparent TANGIBLE
Really enjoy, as a meal SAVOR
Relaxing resort SPA
Sailor’s assent AYE
Secret agent SPY
See 21 Across PRESIDENT
See 38 Across LINCOLN
Serving of corn EAR
Shell out for SPENDON
Shopper’s reminder LIST
Space aliens: Abbr ETS
Spider’s creation WEB
Spreadsheet info DATA
Stabilized STEADIED
Stand up ARISE
Sunbeams RAYS
Takes a nap SLEEPS
They top i’s and j’s DOTS
Turkey drumstick LEG
Unlock OPEN
Untidy stack PILE
With 40 Across, bearded VIP with a February 12th birthday ABRAHAM
With 54 Across, 38/40 Across’ place in history SIXTEENTH
Word-of-mouth ORAL
__ Grey tea EARL
__ in the hole (hidden advantage) ACE – February 12 2018 Crossword Answers | admin | 4.5

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