The Telegraph – Toughie – Jan 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Ancient sport seen on prime battle site ARMAGEDDON
Belittle what an editor may do CUTDOWNTOSIZE
Bone, so long, found in French sea by Sarah METATARSAL
Comedian Jack tossed spare orange to audience JASPERCARROTT
Defence bird once needed, ending in court MOAT
Easily animated voice managed to restrain cat near furniture item OVEREXCITABLE
First answer here half-written when grappling in French magazine ARSENAL
Good rhythmical musician heard showing spirit GRAPPA
How teacher may show approval of fine lecture TICKOFF
Indication of coldness from old rail company confronting clergyman BRRR
Left dislodging set of books in plain clothes APPAREL
More tenacious athlete inclined to hide sign of nervousness STICKIER
New slug occupying midsection of onions completely INTOTO
Official reading Mirror has this property REFLECTION
On third of February, Wolves’ home tie stirred a certain left-winger BLAIRITE
Posh academician contacts tabloid about revealing heavenly body URANUS
Register royal wave ROLLER
Relative starts to bring out giant rhubarb MUMBOJUMBO
Spanish snack outside one company — knocked back pudding TAPIOCA
Superficial conflict follows unpopular Democrat OUTWARD
The writer’s back to house since tearing pieces of cartilage MENISCI
They play rugby nine months of the year THREEQUARTERS
Tommy Cooper makes this joke finally after son out of prison PRIVATE
Track boxing extremists with killer hairstyle RAZORCUT
TV chef twice in church to see shape of tiles? RHOMBIC
Tyrant in boozy party holding court, dancing with famous model AUTOCRAT
Wise to reject vinyl worth a small amount OWLY
Youngster’s driving assistant inside in panic TEEN
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