The Telegraph – Cryptic – January 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Jan 12 2018  

Clues Answers
… it being drunk in country location LEA
A street artist, prominent Asian in rough fabric ASTRAKHAN
Agree to change, being keen EAGER
Ahead, where consultant may be, doing the rounds ONWARD
Awful noise after officer appears in British territories once? COLONIES
Belong as a troublesome person keeping jaunty APPERTAIN
Bird is beginning to tweet for e.g. birdwatcher HOBBYIST
Bit of a flight in best aircraft STAIR
Criticised frightfully bad meal with stone in it LAMBASTED
Enthusiast absorbs English newspaper, something that’s been discarded LEFTOVER
Female author and daughter confronting disorderly crowd DRABBLE
Force husband into condition of reliance THRUST
Frown as underling finally put down GLOWER
Gossiping gent, I rant when put out NATTERING
Greek character contributing to Attic history CHI
Intuitive feeling when eating a piece of venison? HAUNCH
Like unknown author entertaining one in very good French location AVIGNON
Message I have brought to young lady MISSIVE
More than one sign of hesitation about black as a colour UMBER
Not without blemish turning up, I admitted skin problem? ERUPTION
One deemed to be no sluggard in a part of the Bible ANT
One of the Angry Young Men, intellectual by the sound of him BRAINE
Peril heading off across lake for one pursuing water sport ANGLER
Senior figures — they aren’t seen in 30 areas ELDERS
Sheep in tricky mire, number sinking under it MERINO
Showered in one rudimentary building behind toilet LAVISHED
Somehow barren and tragic female kept outside dance TREELESS
Something of value from the past maiden’s left Russian museum HERITAGE
Stuff for sale, good deal, in northern town STOCKTON
There’s minimal effort to get this drink imbibed … ALE
Treacherous type disposing of leader gets support EASEL
Where religious figure appears, tearing raiment MINARET
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