Irish Times (Crosaire) – January 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 13 2018 

Clues Answers
A couple of holy cows and horses? GEEGEES
Arrived with artist from shoot CAMERA
Associate dismisses cases a little bit IOTA
Beastly type chews acorn that’s firm in the middle RACCOON
Characters in dictatorship lying – is it something to do with being thick? PLY
Clubs bend to pressure from competition CUP
Covers up the bodies he’s after – the clumsy fool CLOTHES
Describe a unique extract to nice lover BEAU
Disclose American potential to ignore The Pledge BREAKAPROMISE
Extract of Balzac ideology can be corrosive ACID
French president isn’t finished by and large MACRO
Fresh pasta served in Spanish restaurant TAPAS
Gorblimey – without Boyle it’s dire GRIM
Had no more salad or tuna RANOUT
Holiday in Galway on headland at a time when one is about to snap BREAKINGPOINT
In Berlin, the cutbacks, politically speaking, could undermine the capital? RED
It’s what the band might do to hack part of the album BREAKINTOSONG
Less prosperous requirement that is right NEEDIER
Making a comeback – Sting and The Police at the Centre locally? That ain’t going to happen! NOCANDO
No room in comic opera for cold type from summit ICECAP
Old Peruvian is one of the characters in Medellin cartel INCA
Part of mountaintop enclave is unreserved OPEN
Part of the Thermopylae onslaught lasted a long time AEON
Pick up lily pads out of special delivery RECEIVE
Privileged classes on the extremes of general chemistry GENTRY
Protect Spud’s progress from heart attack getting out of bed EARTHUP
Quick trip around the Spanish Main SPIN
Raucous noise from The Stones loosely gathering on a slope by church SCREECH
Significant new treatments for hernias BREAKTHROUGHS
Solve a tendency to conceal and put away EAT
Something smells off as Pop’s mate loses head in racket NOISOME
Source of apprehension in garden waste DANGER
Storyteller upset by most of the care taken by passengers RAILCAR
Take five of the sides today BREAK
Travel agency to the stars takes line that gets up one’s nose, in a manner of speaking NASAL
Turn a blind eye to foreign region IGNORE
Vigorous press around a player giving the ball away? PASSER
We are not in hot water finding the frog there THROAT
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