The Guardian – Weekend – January 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 367 – Jan 13 2018 Crossword Puzzle Answers

Clues Answers
14 of Angola LUANDA
14 of Botswana GABORONE
14 of Cameroon YAOUNDE
14 of Chad NDJAMENA
14 of Equatorial Guinea MALABO
14 of Morocco RABAT
14 of Nigeria ABUJA
14 of Rwanda KIGALI
14 of The Gambia BANJUL
14 of Tunisia TUNIS
14 of Zimbabwe HARARE
Acronym for a ministerial adviser of a sort much disliked in Whitehall? SPAD
Ancient Greek city on the slopes of Mount Parnassus DELPHI
Andrés __, classical guitarist (1893-1987) SEGOVIA
Card, flower and gift company based in London MOONPIG
Confectionery brand of round chocolates with a caramel middle ROLO
Marx’s critique of political economy? CAPITAL
One in Latin UNUM
Seaport on the Isle of Wight COWES
Tanzanian city, though not its 14 ARUSHA
The 11th sign of the Zodiac AQUARIUS
Type of shortfin or longfin shark MAKO
US state, whose 14 is Jefferson City MISSOURI
__ Attwood, reality TV’s new queen, following Love Island 2017? OLIVIA
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