Universal – January 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 12 2018 

Clues Answers
“Beta Kappa” head PHI
“Meet Me ___ Louis” INST
“Soldier on” quip (Part 1) DONOTFEARTRYING
“Soldier on” quip (Part 2) ROUGHSEASDOMAKE
“Soldier on” quip (Part 3) SKILLFULSAILORS
“Tri” superior TETRA
“Who ___ is invited?” ELSE
A van Gogh flower IRIS
A vocal vote YEA
Abu ___ (sheikdom) DHABI
Baltimore mayor Catherine PUGH
Big name in cosmetics AVON
Burton or Robbins of film TIM
Cannon sound BOOM
Capone’s nemesis NESS
Copy or clone REPLICA
Creamy desserts MOUSSES
Dazzle AMAZE
Decorate with ornaments ADORN
Depression-era migrant OKIE
Destinies KARMAS
Early delivery? PREMIE
Egg-shaped OVATE
Equine training DRESSAGE
Float component SODA
Florida beach POMPANO
Fold’s field LEA
Groovy relative FAB
Gunky buildup CRUD
Have concerns CARE
Inconsequential amount IOTA
Is a guide LEADS
Is a yakker GABS
It’s later than EST GMT
John of pop ELTON
Jokes GAGS
Larry Fine or Moe Howard STOOGE
Make a bad impression on? DENT
Mean mongrel CUR
Milk mishap SPILL
Missile storehouse SILO
Monotonous routine RUT
Needless fuss ADO
Nervous girl? NELLIE
Number of baseball fielders NINE
Olympic gear EPEE
One in a jazz duo? ZEE
Patella sites KNEES
Play notable that “Cometh”? ICEMAN
Put into operation USE
Revered baseball name in Baltimore CAL
Rubberneck GAWK
Scoundrels ROUES
Secretive “over here” PSST
Ship trailers WAKES
Some cats or rabbits ANGORAS
Some reddish-brown horses BAYS
Some snakes ASPS
Soprano’s showstopper ARIA
Sparkler in a setting GEM
Speaketh SAYST
Stressful high school event TEST
Suddenly beamed LITUP
Super Bowl broadcast fillers ADS
Surname on “Friends” BING
Theatrical group TROUPE
Thing in a cemetery or novel PLOT
Tiny marcher ANT
TV legend Dick Van ___ DYKE
U-turn from imaginary REAL
W. ___ Maugham SOMERSET
Waiting for nourishment UNFED
Web address ender COM
Wire diameters MILS
Words that make two one IDO
Wrist joints CARPI
Writer Deighton LEN
Yin counterpart YANG
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