The Telegraph – Toughie – January 11 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Toughie Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 11 2018 

Clues Answers
Abandons a way to access records DISCARDS
and 26: Risky route indicated by poles, maybe? SLIPPERY
and 4: Glibness possibly producing a ‘9-cum-24’ outcome? MIXED
Audible pace in passage GATE
Besides endlessly and incorrectly incorporating falsehood, verse occasions doubt DISBELIEVE
Botched dish led man into trouble MISHANDLED
Certain naval officers with sex appeal regularly in view POSITIVE
Daughter takes the Underground west, given advance payment as a newcomer DEBUTANTE
Dishes dirt initially on Andersen – a dark soul at heart DHANSAKS
Every second of recital’s incandescent; every lyric manifesting desire ENVY
Fleeces for inmates? CONS
Gas escape rising right inside local BURP
Greek historian’s cross, English number to call cut short XENOPHON
Hanging around ruined buildings after coach coming round leaves IDLING
In jam, Tories veer off CONSERVE
Ophidian having rest on pitch ASPHALT
Retrospectively, Lloyd Webber’s musical background is unfortunate NEGATIVE
See 25 SLOPE
Serve up in best protective cover TOECAP
This writer didn’t urge never-ending embraces TURGENEV
Timepiece put back post-daylight SUNDIAL
Ulster hugged by sibling on the left SINISTER
Unusual items – like jar from Jaafra, possibly? ODDITIES
Upwardly mobile setter an elitist? It shows restricted growth BONSAI
Vision in trousers — the design’s smashing LONGSIGHTEDNESS
Wings of Ugandan barrage ancient, but sound UNDAMAGED
Without any ingredients, former partner’s put on new nail polish after dreadful ‘slap’ is abandoned EXNIHILO
Wriggle as old attendant finishes early mass SQUIRM
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