The Telegraph – Cryptic – January 11 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 11 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Good Morning America’ welcoming a time for break HIATUS
Adolescent born to revolt in great agitating TEENAGER
Altering in development becomes intrinsic INTEGRAL
Body beginning to glaciate in Antarctica? CONTINGENT
Chinwag harmlessly about trivialities initially CHAT
Double victory by close of tournament TWIN
Doubtful after sermon, extremely condescending SNIFFY
Female faces fee increase, accommodating new consort FRATERNISE
Go too far, partner being topless on march OVERSTEP
Government announced control REIN
Help rejected in pub restaurant? INDIAN
Leader of English gathers backing and respect ESTEEM
Like to be seen in church in suit CASE
Part, in essence, reveals theatricality ARTINESS
Plant in a pot is potentially harbouring alien POINSETTIA
Regular supporting the Spanish team ELEVEN
Represent criminals with connection, hiding irritated expression CONSTITUTE
Sage and onion top left in stock ORACLE
Sex described by discreet text on screen SUBTITLE
Shameless criminal absconded within walls of Fleet FLAGRANT
Snooze, burying one’s face defiantly RESIST
Some cut opiate leading to bliss UTOPIA
Starts to lead imposingly, approaching straight LINEAR
Straight leading man then oddly embraced HETERO
Sweet-talk — dupes are converted PERSUADE
Task Queen performed on opening of do ERRAND
Tour the French will make three times TRIPLE
Unknowingly posh answer — piercing answer, unfortunately UNAWARES
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