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Clues Answers
”I’m amazed!” OOH
”I’m amazed!” emotion AWE
”Mad Men” staffers STENOS
”The mother of all living” EVE
A close watch TABS
Academic challenge EXAM
Academic challenge TEST
Accountant’s expertise TAXEXEMPTIONS
Agency with Goodwill Ambassadors UNESCO
Argentine ”I am” ESTOY
Arrive or outperform SHOWUP
Aspiration DESIRE
Balance owed DEBT
Battery knob ANODE
Began to fray WORE
Black-clad dueler of fiction ZORRO
Cast on tour TROUPERS
Celebrity Roast attire TUX
Choice for charging AMEX
Country/western dance TWOSTEP
Cyclopean ONEEYED
ESPN media partner NBA
ESPN media partner NCAA
Flaw in logic HOLE
For laughs INJEST
Freight carrier BOXCAR
French Indochina neighbor SIAM
Head-turning whisper PSST
Hireling PEON
In balance EVEN
Involve in unpleasantness ENMESH
It may be pitched in a field TENT
It’s fixed by astronomers GAZE
King mentioned by Ovid MIDAS
Laments RUES
Land of shillelaghs ERIN
Make more perfect HONE
Mel of mellow melodies TORME
Metaphor for fog SOUP
No longer squeaking, perhaps LUBED
Olympic weaponry EPEES
On point GERMANE
One of Frodo’s friends SAM
Onto the beach ASHORE
Outperform TOP
Pass over OMIT
PC crisis key ESC
Petty clash SPAT
Pita’s Indian cousin NAAN
Pizzeria fare CALZONES
Plenty of nothing NADA
Polishes off EATS
Prefix for color TRI
Put a cork in it JUG
Regional aviation fleet AIRTAXIS
Remove, as a splinter TWEEZE
Restorative ritual NAP
Revise reportage EDIT
Robin Hood refreshment ALE
Roving adventurously ERRANT
Scandinavian shoe brand ECCO
Ski slope conveyance TOW
Skillet cousin WOK
Small-scale thing MINI
Soonest NEXT
St. Pete summer setting EDT
Start of something ESS
Trawler gear NETS
Undeveloped LATENT
Unionize, in a way WED
US expansion of 1845 TEXASANNEXATION
Warm gestures HUGS
Way, way out OUTRE
What to call a catamaran SHE
Where Tutu was Archbishop CAPETOWN
Widely scattered SPARSE
Winged symbol of grace SWAN – January 12 2018 Crossword Answers | admin | 4.5

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