New York Times – January 12 2018 Friday Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 12 2018 Friday 

Clues Answers
‘… max’ TOPS
‘Gone With the Wind’ name RHETT
‘It’s not the end of the world’ RELAX
‘It’s not ___, it’s a when’ ANIF
‘The Waste Land’ poet’s inits TSE
‘You might be asking too much’ THATSATALLORDER
15 years before the Battle of Hastings MLI
Accustom ENURE
African capital where Berber is spoken RABAT
Attending a lecture, say INCLASS
Attracted to people of all genders, in modern lingo PAN
Bad mark DPLUS
Big Apple? IMAC
Big brand of kitchenware OXO
Choices on a standard Scantron test ABCDE
Classic 1959 drama with characters from Chicago’s South Side ARAISININTHESUN
Coped (with) DEALT
Cough syrup amt TSP
D.C. thoroughfare with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum INDEPENDENCEAVE
Decked out CLAD
Dollars for quarters RENT
Follower of ‘pat’ in Mother Goose ACAKE
Freddy Krueger, e.g SLASHER
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Hillocks RISES
Iridescent material NACRE
Lab subj SCI
Length of the final fight in ‘Rocky Balboa’ TENROUNDS
Llama, for one CAMELID
Made a move RELOCATED
Meditation utterances OMS
Motion picture pioneer EDISON
Motrin alternative ALEVE
Mrs., abroad SRA
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Michael IRVIN
New Brunswick neighbor MAINE
Non-Anglophone’s course, for short ESL
Not halal, in Arab cuisine HARAM
Numerical prefix DECA
On time, in Tijuana ATIEMPO
One of Sports Illustrated’s two Sportsmen of the Year in 1998 SOSA
Out of the game: Abbr RET
Pastries similar to long john doughnuts ECLAIRS
Peter ___, co-founder of PayPal THIEL
Phil who described himself as a ‘singing journalist’ OCHS
Pump up EXCITE
Rhyming educational proverb EACHONETEACHONE
Rival of Regal Cinemas AMC
Show featuring Leslie Jones, for short SNL
Some Secret Service wear EARPIECES
South Indian pancakes DOSAS
Squad TEAM
Stat for a photographer LENSSPEED
Tillis or McDaniel of country music MEL
Weasel family member OTTER
Went back for more, in a way REUPPED
Where people may order push-ups VICTORIASSECRET
Woman’s name meaning ‘princess’ SARAH
Wooden strip LATH
Writer who said ‘Living never wore one out so much as the effort not to live’ NIN
___ acid AMINO
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