The Times – Cryptic – December 7 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26902
Clues Answers
A simple logo designed for urban complex MEGALOPOLIS
Awfully swollen cuts certainly a symptom of jaundice Yellowness
Bound to tour Italian capital, English seaside town and northern European city EINDHOVEN
Boy or girl with a word of support VIVA
Case of equerry covering up certain bet on horse — fraudulent practice MOUNTEBANKERY
Country — almost entire nation tucking into fancy gateau GUATEMALA
Creatures with one foot but no head, tough things NAILS
Doodah, fine and tacky THINGUMMY
Establishment by the way can’t fear moves to host game transport cafe
European army officer holds permit LET
Fair — though one-sided? all right
Fold in garment cut for suit PLEA
Guzzler eating seconds gets support BOLSTER
Hearts captured by artist with a flower DAHLIA
Learner in pass, papers outstanding SPLENDID
Light visibly green? Ponder heading off ILLUMINATE
Nation lush and hot, one in twelve assumes LESOTHO
Old oath, say: a “damn” originally? EGAD
Opera in Carmen or Manon NORMA
Permission to house parent, one of no fixed abode? NOMAD
Reporting to Cardinal Newman, umpteen leaders upset UNDER
Sounding natural, laugh heartily ROAR
Spinner a long way off, old, old, flat surface beginning to turn EXOPLANET
Spirit knocked back slightly, figure appearing wretched flea-bitten
Still against the policy, all ends up YET
Stuffed — like a koala perhaps? up a gum tree
Ultimately, mourners aren’t travelling to the wake? ASTERN
Wearing underwear, one means to access study INVESTIGATE
The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 978
Clues Answers
As horse move quickly round one’s box CANISTER
Become confused, following women’s swaying walk WADDLE
Book chap’s meadow to leave car mansfield park
Demolishing wings, smash large masonry ASHLAR
Draw in cup game TIE
European found at the end of the earth? POLE
For exercise, rides to a distant rock ASTEROID
Get a tan in old age BRONZE
Get crazier puzzle BEWILDER
I make large statue to worship IDOL
Long hold-up after the start ITCH
Made a fuss after coat wrinkled FURROWED
Material giving firm centre when poured CONCRETE
Old group of people around back of small shrine ORACLE
One taking over hat BOWLER
Parrots and one rook escaping from HGVs LORIES
Pay no attention to region on travels IGNORE
Plan to put pound in kitty PLOT
Press crumpled rug with energy URGE
Romantic hero keen to hide American CHEROKEE
Some mistyping by the vicar? clerical error
Think about a child REASON
Worker at first refuses drink BEER
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