The Times – Concise – December 7 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
African carnivore HYENA
Caribbean island state BARBADOS
Concur AGREE
Customary practice USAGE
Fairly; attractive PRETTY
Flightless bird RHEA
Foolish person NITWIT
In moral decline DECADENT
Inexperienced learner NOVICE
Islamic monarchy Saudi Arabia
Law-making body LEGISLATURE
Leg joint ANKLE
Loud confused noise CLAMOUR
Meet specified standards COMPLY
More fortunate or hopeful ROSIER
Outside limit EDGE
Prohibited practice TABU
Roman calendar day IDES
Roman Empire invader VISIGOTH
Soccer player STRIKER
Supplies; shops STORES
Table tennis Ping-Pong
Tableland PLATEAU
Work excessively hard SLAVE
Young; insignificant SMALL
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