The Telegraph – Toughie – December 6 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Toughie Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Dec 6 2017

Clues Answers
‘Name’ with advantage going round on stump NONPLUS
Agreeable Shiraz, say, for family KINDRED
Animate short cartoon on TV? SPARK
Bob maybe having vital ‘Access all areas’ pass? SKELETONKEY
Canoodle repeatedly, being close NECKANDNECK
Consider — having left off central heating — bed cover MULCH
Cook prepares it right away, perhaps APPETISER
Crikey, embarrassing losing watch — it’s a hunter! GOSHAWK
Equalise, still getting disqualified EVENOUT
Fashion requirement for tennis is to be loud MAKEARACKET
I’ll get to the heart of confession of corruption that’s all-enveloping AMBIENT
Impressive flower for man of taste EPICURE
Ineffectual treatment of rank bad smell PLACEBO
It’s helpful to climbers thus to enter mountain from the east PERGOLA
Joy drinking essence of zebra plant EUPHORBIA
One making initial report increasingly absurd about Republican DRAFTER
Ordinary patron’s butt of gags halfway through for comedian PUNSTER
Privatise public water supply OUTSOURCE
Queen interrupting property being returned — a classical piece of marble? TESSERA
Rhetoric of a Labourite __ __ __ ? ORATORY
Roll with ends of tahini and odd bits of some divine dip? BAPTISM
Seedy growth of Brit rock on Oz radio? POMEGRANATE
Terrified of Nato allies, say, getting caught in leader of America’s fight AWESTRUCK
This 22’s tricky to get CATCH
Transform marketing of beer brewed around centre of Wigan after advert REBADGE
Well-oiled on ship — bottoms up! SLEEK
What one does with bolt-on as program shuts down APPENDS
What’s on your ‘ead? A bit of it may be what’s blocking pipe! AIRLOCK
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