The Telegraph – Cryptic – December 6 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Dec 6 2017 

Clues Answers
Africans shifting earnings across Italy NIGERIANS
After time, quietens kids TEASES
Agitated air following rejection of cheese and wine MADEIRA
Applaud European vote on quota raised EXTOL
Area report’s written up to include performance on stage OPERA
Bound to protect soldiers in ranks TIERED
Branch office’s first dance LIMBO
Bug advanced carrying one likely to cause disease PESTILENT
Chatted in favour of being romantically attached? SPOKENFOR
Co-ordinates of signal readjusted ALIGNS
Composure required if dragon’s to be disturbed SANGFROID
Contact business that puts a limit on pitch TOUCHLINE
Cover eyes, having difficulty accommodating student congregation BLINDFOLD
Crooked advertiser — I held out and negotiated TRAVERSED
Develop a liking for scene with couple on the radio TAKETO
Downtrodden and in a hurry to underpin work OPPRESSED
Drunken rake should welcome a fine form of entertainment KARAOKE
Emerging name with a fragrance NASCENT
Gas area on the west of Oregon OZONE
Heroic hospital department about to become focus of disturbance EPICENTRE
Images of prisoner held by discontented interrogators ICONS
Person creating buzz over article HUMAN
Pure terror, no mistake, during hunt CHASTE
Races in to purchase something to relieve hunger BUTTY
Row about end of breeding animal in zoo TIGER
Single line found in smooth traffic-free area of street ISLAND
Sour end to cooked filet mignon TOURNEDOS
Spirit stifled by cabinet hostility ETHOS
Spoilt young woman married the first man MADAM
Two ways to be humble MODEST
Watch, getting shilling admission SENTRY
Well-mannered chap left beyond the outskirts of Eastbourne GENTEEL
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