New York Times – December 7 2017 Thursday Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Dec 7 2017 Thursday 

Clue Solution
“How ya holdin’ up?” FEELOK
“I’ve seen ___” WORSE
“Yikes!” EEK
*”I don’t care either way” UPTOYOU
*First Supreme Court chief justice JOHNJAY
*It’s west of Okinawa CHINASEA
*Oil, jocularly TEXASTEA
*Sort with a full schedule BUSYBEE
___ chart ORG
___ Express (train from Delhi to Agra) TAJ
___ gun (sci-fi weapon) ION
___ party TOGA
___ Stadium, home of the 49ers LEVIS
1, for 45� TANGENT
1961 Literature Nobelist Andric IVO
Bank statement abbr. DEP
Baseball great Hodges GIL
Beverage that contains taurine REDBULL
Big bargains, maybe LOSSLEADERS
Bluejacket TAR
Breathing problem APNEA
Challenge to ___ ADUEL
Christmas song contraction TIS
Circuit LAP
Circumvent AVOID
Common fund-raiser BAKESALE
Conciliatory offering SOP
Cougar prey ELK
Crack in the crust FAULT
Crime show sound effect GUNSHOT
Currency adopted after the Meiji Restoration YEN
Depress, with “out” BUM
Diva’s accessory BOA
Draft choice ALE
Essen article DER
Exploit USE
Generally OVERALL
Grow red, say RIPEN
Hip-hop’s Salt-N-___ PEPA
Hypothetical settlement MOONBASE
Johnny who sang on the duet “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” MATHIS
Jumps rarely attempted in women’s figure skating TRIPLEAXELS
Kind of root in math NTH
Kitchen tools PEELERS
Knowledge KEN
Latin lover’s word AMO
Legally prohibit ENJOIN
Longtime news inits. UPI
Made a faux pas ERRED
Medication-regulating org. FDA
N.J. city on the Hudson FTLEE
Neighbor of Ky. IND
Numbskull ASS
Obeyed an order at the dentist’s RINSED
Occurrences during half-moons NEAPS
Octet in “The 12 Days of Christmas” MAIDS
Paraphernalia GEAR
Part of a stage APRON
Perpetual period in Narnia in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” WINTER
Place where one is encouraged to swear? ALTAR
Radio component AMTUNER
Reachable INRANGE
Respectful greeting SALAAM
Show ___ BIZ
Sign of summer LEO
Ski slope sight GONDOLA
Spotlight hog HAM
Still competing INIT
Surprisingly, it just might work CRAZYIDEA
Test TRY
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conference, informally KSTATE
Visa problem LATEFEE
Word before calling or learning HIGHER
Words of homage ODE
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