Metro Crossword Answers December 7 2017

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Clue Solution
Multiple-birth child QUAD
Burden of responsibility ONUS
Argumentative QUARRELSOME
Large Australian birds EMUS
Tiny island ISLE
Similar AKIN
Golfing stroke PUTT
Toddler TOT
Fitness centre GYM
Glacial material ICE
No … or buts IFS
Father’s boy SON
Asian staple crop RICE
Paintbrush hair SABLE
Became mature AGED
Enjoyable book, good … READ
Nights & … DAYS
12 months YEAR
Greater (variety) WIDER
Wading bird IBIS
Whiskey flavour RYE
Keyboard operator’s complaint (1,1,1) RSI
Egg cells OVA
Former time standard (1,1,1) GMT
Globe ORB
Hay bundle BALE
Satanic EVIL
Hotel cleaner MAID
Making publicly known ADVERTISING
Chickens HENS
Auld Lang … SYNE
Search or mission QUEST
Water-related AQUATIC
Late twilight DUSK
Grain husks BRAN
Toy bear TEDDY
Immediately (1,1,1,1) ASAP
Leave out OMIT
Sitting on eggs NESTING
Attack on fort SIEGE
Belonging to that ITS
… & downs UPS
Classifying GRADING
Mellowest MILDEST
Commuter boat FERRY
UK Rock band OASIS
Beam of light RAY
Laid eyes on SAW
Hearing organ EAR
Disc jockeys (1,2) DJS
Branch of science BIOLOGY
Snake-like fish EEL
Race (motor) REV
Pizzazz OOMPH
Joins up MEETS
Tacks on ADDS
Fencing sword EPEE
Simple EASY
Taverns INNS
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