The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
After short horror film, start to exorcise spirit PSYCHE
Always squeezing by on the outside EXTERNALLY
Bad-tempered rooks maybe seen around area MEAN
Bark from limited collection of trees, foremost in forest WOOF
Budget speech lacking nothing RATION
Declan having edges cut off Irish cake ECLAIR
Don’t forget about subscriber? REMEMBER
End protest OBJECT
Extra off the mark WIDE
Extremely macabre crimes, terribly fascinating MESMERIC
Facing it during contest OPPOSITE
Fanatic in middle of boozers, unusually late getting round in ZEALOT
Fancy woman not having married, I repeat STRESS
Feeble pet cried out DECREPIT
Clues Answers
Greedy eater served with one monstrous bird PIGEON
Light cold? Treat first off CANDLE
Low-down involving male agents GMEN
Moment to worry dodgy dealer FLASHHARRY
Party without French water supported by northern dandy BEAUNASH
Right after parking, I check it could mark the property edge? PRIVET
Rotten place to clear PUTRID
Section of song about Egyptian god CHORUS
See an article creating hatred LOATHING
Superficial sort plugging leak SKINDEEP
Took home edition about composer of anthems EARNED
Type of glass vessel SCHOONER
Unsubtle ambassador shown in group in paper BROADSHEET
Vehicle the woman parked in pound gets crushed VANQUISHED
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