The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 18 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Alcohol providing morale in the theatre? SURGICALSPIRIT
Art form mounting tacit or easy displays EROTICA
Artist steps around one for light RADIANCE
Back trouble in so stormy an affair LIAISON
Beats speed speaking without coming to a climax LICKS
Copy line seen in feature of roadworks CLONE
Country garden linked with the Cornwall area SWEDEN
Drops measuring equipment RAINGAUGE
Encourage popular part of church INSPIRE
Enthusiastic study in painting ARDENT
Fruit and veg needed by church PEACH
Ignored Conservative with elderly bore COLDSHOULDERED
King wearing small child’s hat MITRE
Knocked sharply on front of this, cornered TRAPPED
Line dance music on game shows CONGA
Clues Answers
Lulu’s thirst absorbing doctor and the writer HUMDINGER
Malign deal protecting University College TRADUCE
Match commentator? BESTMAN
Might this identify a Royal Marines troop? ARMBAND
Music bars will need refurbished seats to muffle volume STAVES
No-nonsense police raid follows riot, ignoring regulars ROBUST
Note amends books seen in church PSALTERS
Photographs fail to be entered in competitions CLOSEUPS
Prospect of victory, as it falls VISTA
Shame of this person wrapped in shroud on getting busted DISHONOUR
Stars head off for shelter SUNSHADE
Take off, seeing Italian grabbed by single pal IMITATE
Torn about always being respectful REVERENT
Try twice to get acclaim HEARHEAR
Tug on a path to intercept ship’s freeloaders? STOWAWAYS
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