The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 16 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A spell of horse-play? CHUKKA
A Titan out to win ATTAIN
Amphibians, with short feet going in two directions EFTS
Boil, or the spot on top SEETHE
Clothing once displayed by father in streets SPATS
Disputes in banks ROWS
Each year, girl makes Spanish dish PAELLA
Express linking two points SPEAK
How a sale should be organised, all things considered ASAWHOLE
Includes in shows of affection EMBRACES
It means one can’t get off at night INSOMNIA
It’s yours and mine, of course OURS
Jack’s posh way appears ridiculous ABSURD
Justification for deciding to scratch ITCH
Lugs, body parts for hearing TOWS
Measure round a highway ROAD
Clues Answers
Model creating response REACTING
Only just obtained freedom? NARROWESCAPE
Pointless search for way through ARCH
Possibly fall in late? Go for punishment FLAGELLATION
Prize having been put up, one picks the winning ticket DRAWER
Rife, conceivably, it spreads rapidly WILDFIRE
Secretary’s blade that could open up a computer PASSWORD
Swiss cantons or American states, maybe? FOREIGNPARTS
Takes over domestic vessels BOWLS
The woman’s love champion HERO
Think again about ship crossing rough seas REASSESS
Use a blade and cut down tree ROWAN
Visible record of alternating current’s limits TIDEMARK
Voices so rich when blended CHOIRS
What a bad summer will do? MISCALCULATE
Wild parrot, bird of prey RAPTOR
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