Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – October 15 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘… cup — cone?’ ORA
‘Battle Cry’ actor Ray ALDO
‘I got it!’ AHA
‘Mrs.’ with a famous cow OLEARY
‘My gal’ of song SAL
‘Take –!’ (‘Congrats!’) ABOW
‘Taps’ co-star Timothy HUTTON
‘Terrible’ toddler time AGETWO
‘The Gift of the Magi’ writer OHENRY
‘Where are — now?’ THEY
— -car (airport service) RENTA
— -mo replay SLO
— Field (Mr. Met’s home) CITI
— kwon do (martial art) TAE
1982 Richard Pryor film THETOY
1990s Israeli president Weizman EZER
1998 Angelina Jolie biopic GIA
A number of SEVERAL
Active by day DIURNAL
Affirm the truth of ATTESTTO
Aftermaths RESULTS
Ammo for air rifles BBS
Arched body part INSTEP
Arsenal array WEAPONRY
Aunt, in Argentina TIA
Ball-shaped bloom DAHLIA
Bard’s Ireland ERIN
Bardic tribute ODE
Biblical son of Isaac ESAU
Big name in direct sales AMWAY
Bo of ’10’ DEREK
Born, in Brest NEE
Bow-wielding god AMOR
Brainstorm, in Brest IDEE
Brezhnev’s fed USSR
Cake level TIER
Center of similes ASA
Certain NCO SGT
Chattered JAWED
Chief Hun ATTILA
Chrome, Firefox and Safari WEBBROWSERS
Clowns WAGS
Cocky walks STRUTS
College URL ending EDU
Colorful ring in the eye AREOLA
Cone, cube and sphere SOLIDS
Contacts, e.g LENSES
Corn seed KERNEL
Cowboy singer Gene AUTRY
Dead heat TIE
Designer CREATOR
Dictionary lookup facilitators THUMBINDEXES
Doglike carnivore HYENA
Elbowed, say POKED
Enrollments SIGNUPS
Even one ANY
Except for BUT
Exhaust SAP
Fill with joy ELATE
Flax product LINEN
Fonda of film JANE
Gallery stuff ART
Grand — wine CRU
Grayish hue ASH
Gridiron star Manning ELI
Hammer-wielding god THOR
Have — in one’s bonnet ABEE
Hiking flasks CANTEENS
Hinge (on) RELY
Clues Answers
Hirt and Gore ALS
Holiday lead-ins EVES
Hoofing it ONFOOT
How sashimi is eaten RAW
Hwy. number lead-in USROUTE
In a Ziploc bag, e.g SEALED
Inflammation of the ear OTITIS
Ireland’s — Lingus AER
Its cap. is Islamabad PAK
Just know FEEL
Lackluster DULL
Lamb bearer EWE
Last half of a typical golf course BACKNINE
Lay — thick ITON
Lean- — (hovels) TOS
Like a constellation STARRY
Like a well-pitched inning NOHIT
Like sugar, but not oil, in water SOLUBLE
Lotto variant KENO
Ludicrous comedies FARCES
Lumpy, as fabric NUBBY
Mary of ‘Dodsworth’ ASTOR
Masthead names, for short EDS
Military chaplain PADRE
More stylish TRENDIER
Mortal — (video game series) KOMBAT
Not collated, e.g UNSORTED
Off-roading vehicle, briefly UTE
Office cabinet items FILEFOLDERS
One tearing up the road SPEEDER
One trying to pin a rival WRESTLER
Osprey claw TALON
Pantheon members DEITIES
Pound the poet EZRA
Pronounce UTTER
Pronounced SAID
Pt. of OS or GPS SYS
Punishment-related PENAL
Put in cipher ENCODE
Red as — ABEET
Replenishes the arsenal of REARMS
Rhine feeder AARE
Rush along HIE
Sermon conclusion? ETTE
Ship’s call for help SOS
Singing King CAROLE
Siouan people OTO
Slate cleaner ERASER
Some aluminum recyclables BEVERAGECANS
Spend time in, as a hotel STAYAT
Squarish, as a car BOXY
Store event SALE
Stretch (out) EKE
Symbol on a music score CLEF
Tear apart RIP
The ‘e’ of i.e EST
Theme of this puzzle THINGSWITHTABS
Tick off RILE
Tick off PEEVE
Truncated wd ABBR
Turner who led a revolt NAT
Ump relative REF
United, e.g AIRLINE
Video’s counterpart AUDIO
Was certain MADESURE
Well-drilling apparatus OILRIG
Wine barrel CASK
World lighter SUN
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