The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 13 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Animals appearing in tapestry APES
Bitterness over work that goes at a fast pace GALLOP
Change international organisation? Right, it can be part of a power system ALTERNATOR
Charge again presents terrible ordeal RELOAD
Common man from Birmingham is terrible MISTER
Condition of fat cats breaking the law WEALTH
Country boy ensnares maiden finally LAND
Cries when boss is nasty SOBS
Exceptionally arty bairns, a couple shining BINARYSTAR
Expression of ambition inadequate for the likes of 21? THESKYSTHELIMIT
Female full of trouble as one in direct confrontation HEADON
Immature insect’s food GRUB
Mountains around indicated — avoid finally in that landing SPLASHDOWN
Objections restricting second person in business deals BUYOUTS
Old bird facing terrible end cried in pain MOANED
Clues Answers
One with deep pride? SEALION
Rubbish? The last thing to see in art gallery TATE
Seafood for which crispbread would be out of place SPIDERCRAB
Seaside experience? Celebrate during course of it, having journey round RISINGTIDE
Support location for holiday entertainment? PIER
Supporting vehicle turning up ahead of ruler BACKING
This person’s architectural feature creates an obstruction IMPEDIMENT
Time chart I constructed — it involves working out numbers ARITHMETIC
Time’s up here CLOCKTOWER
Town street half cut off has upset couple STROUD
Traveller in new enterprise wildly enthusiastic, one recruited by the navy GAGARIN
Underground activity fashionable during Chinese dynasty MINING
Utter oath, dropping small treat CURE
Vessel with the Queen’s designation — you and I will go aboard EWER
Wicked conduct, as in Eden, not approved of DISCOUNTENANCED
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