The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A comedian’s funny state MACEDONIA
Again, take 23 Across badly RECLAIM
Bird dog HARRIER
Bird looking to circle lake STARLING
Bitterness flowed with boldness, age forgotten RANCOUR
Continue to trail monster DRAGON
Curious girl, ten, curl in hair RINGLET
Devious game in mystery ENIGMA
Dog in Hamlet? GREATDANE
Expression of disgust, ghastly one GRIMACE
Extraordinary thing to achieve fifty in speeding down the motorway? MIRACLE
Good variety for farm GRANGE
GP entering home, dictator! MEDIC
Italian girl dancing on air after clue SIGNORINA
Leaders, band members hitting the high notes? TOPBRASS
Money in US county BUCKS
Clues Answers
More in play that’s absorbing for each in Julius Caesar, say? EMPEROR
One who judges fools, so right ASSESSOR
Perception of truth in instruction INTUITION
Pistol, say, raised in action, beginning to misfire SIDEARM
Publication to catch is mesmerising at first — that’s attractive MAGNETISM
Scoundrel in heavy footwear, heading off ROGUE
Stay with me, and do as you please BEMYGUEST
Style in private house discussed? MANNER
Subordinate underground worker, we hear? MINOR
Success in Merlot, perhaps, offers lead for writer? GRAPHITE
Telling stories in bed, perhaps? LYING
They’re prickly characters initially before start of play? CACTI
This person’s left with soldier leading IMPORTANT
Tot has a play DRAMA
Vessel touring a river, large boat CATAMARAN
Wear only down back? PUTON
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