Usa Today Crossword Answers October 12 2017

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Clue Solution
One taking first steps TOT
Tibia’s neighbor FIBULA
Stops sitting on one’s hands ACTS
Uncouth sort APE
Colorful marbles AGATES
Baseball executive Epstein THEO
Kiltie’s topper TAM
Convincing statement in a debate COGENTPOINT
Like a dominant male ALPHA
Babysitter hirers PARENTS
Anita who sang with Krupa ODAY
Chromite, to chromium ORE
“He said, she said” situation BLAMEGAME
Song of the Bible PSALM
React to yeast RISE
See 8-Down OLIN
Young friend of Tigger ROO
Big name in escalators OTIS
Lightheartedly silly GIDDY
“What can I help you with?” app SIRI
Buntline of dime novels NED
Brand renamed Exxon ESSO
Many “Chicken Run” characters HENS
Pungent salad green CRESS
Work site at Warner Bros., e.g. STUDIOSET
___ jardiniere (served with vegetables) ALA
It’s chopped liver PATE
Prestocked hotel room fridge MINIBAR
PC encyclopedia medium, once CDROM
One of a book of 20, perhaps SAFETYMATCH
Cy Young Award stat ERA
Hershey’s morsel KISS
Siesta taker’s wrap SERAPE
It’s often two in minigolf PAR
“___ you know!” ALOT
Elvis-esque looks SNEERS
Skilled in deception SLY
“Ciao!” TATA
Shimmering gem OPAL
Helper during crunch time TEMP
False front FACADE
“My turn!” IGO
Area of interest, slangily BAG
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
With 37-Across, “Alias” actress LENA
Dog on “The Jetsons” ASTRO
Does penance ATONES
IOU in a kitty CHIT
Bills featuring the Treasury Building TENS
One who’s plagued by spirits? SOT
Suspect, in police slang PERP
Many Airbnb rentals HOMES
In a lather AGOG
New Haven collegians YALIES
Rodeo bucker BRONC
Carafe size, perhaps LITER
Out of the way ASIDE
In the center of, in poems MIDST
Turns out to be ENDSUP
Many an April birth ARIES
Greene of “Bonanza” LORNE
Like fresh brownies MOIST
Skywalker’s mentor YODA
Did a farrier’s work SHOED
Most compos mentis SANEST
Alluring skirt feature SLIT
Needs scratching ITCHES
Seemingly bottomless pit ABYSS
Pony Express load MAIL
“Should that be true . . .” IFSO
Grace closing AMEN
Far from well-done RARE
Workout series REPS
Like some exams and vaccines ORAL
Wife of Abraham Lincoln MARY
Forerunner of reggae SKA
___ kwon do TAE
Lifesaving skill, for short CPR
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