The Times – Cryptic – October 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26854

Clues Answers
A boy is opening beer for tailor PERSONALISE
Bar university cutting lead PUB
Bird heading off hound EAGLE
Block some entertaining others INGOT
Calcium, lithium, fluorine or nickel, I’m thinking, make up rare metal CALIFORNIUM
Catch girl close to rodeo LASSO
Dress boxer with coat of green ALIGN
East End star meets mate in Paris, giving big wave TSUNAMI
Eg Tommy presenting diamond to Norma perhaps rock opera
Every so often reveal catch EEL
Extend green ground outside city ENLARGE
Familiar stars split tiller PLOUGHSHARE
Former law officer often seen with ruff? REEVE
Halfpenny collar? COP
Inspire revolutionary EU health indicator IMBUE
Islands, quiet in the past, engaged in festivities GALAPAGOS
Clues Answers
Issue eggs, round, very classy, after hours OVULATE
Letter from Greek ambassador stops Times article THETA
Much travelled bird, one under 21 ALBATROSS
No longer in use, my empty old menageries impressing king odzooks
Old Nick’s auntie harnessing large ox BEELZEBUB
Oscar-winning UK films distributed with 100 traditional tunes folk music
Packed theatre rented middle of field REPLETE
Pineapple contains popular syrup GRENADINE
Reportedly fails to catch married lady’s address MRS
Running is not compulsory, taking in a long period OPERATIONAL
Star’s in bed for a smoke CHEROOT
The Spanish besieging a grand old African capital LAGOS
Top conductor West gets strong, up to no good MAESTRO
Valets abused in French company? Such is life there cest la vie
We EU solvers need to get organised OURSELVES
What baffles one listener, two of them keeping quiet EARPLUG

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 938

Clues Answers
African moved quickly, carrying stick RWANDAN
Assume area staked out take as read
Characters with picnic baskets for Cockney and son AMPERSANDS
Cricketer losing heart becoming hero BATMAN
Cross with boy revealing picture x-ray
Dried beef, cocoa, regularly, for girl REBECCA
Escort vessel my inspector endlessly provides CORVETTE
Everything, or just part, for an audience SUM
Examination of the mouth ORAL
Girl to live with Victor BEV
Having undergone revolutionary process after washing? spin-dried
I dreamt about this hotel manager maitre d
In box, hid expensive leather OXHIDE
Clues Answers
In time, the Spanish slow down DELAY
Job with island worker delivering letters POSTMAN
Len wrongly connected with Madrid: he’s from Birmingham? midlander
Motto I’m going by as much as possible MAXIM
Pen a poet ruined: say nothing! not a peep
People who buy small jumpers SHOPPERS
Poetry volume: the Queen’s English VERSE
Sailor about to mount challenge in S Wales town ABERDARE
Some wiseacre moaning about posh car MERC
Tense: description of border area? EDGY
Victory, with time short, in season WINTER
Was about to call newspaper’s boss RINGED
Yet these might be the odds EVENS
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