The Times – Concise – October 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
American greeting HOWDY
Awkward, clumsy INEPT
Business organisation ADMIN
Chopped meat MINCE
Common food item SANDWICH
Compact mountain group MASSIF
Consumed USED
Disengage and remove DETACH
Emergency telephone HOTLINE
Fine distinction NICETY
Group of organisms SPECIES
Clues Answers
Hand out cards DEAL
Knitted jumper CARDIGAN
Molten rock MAGMA
Money management FINANCE
Newt-like amphibian SALAMANDER
Occasion for a meal TEATIME
Older relative GRANNY
Prepared illustrations ARTWORK
Saucepan heater gas ring
Search deeply DELVE
Sheep’s hair WOOL
Wimbledon game lawn tennis
Wood joining draught oxen YOKE
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