Irish Times (Simplex) – October 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Approach and speak to ACCOST
Brings to a temporary halt SUSPENDS
Conclusion, finale END
Device to hold a ship ANCHOR
Divided into two parts BISECTED
Exchanged SWITCHED
Follow as a consequence ENSUE
Fresher or more novel NEWER
Front part of a ship BOW
Giving way YIELDING
Highly-prized possession TREASURE
Mentally quick or radiating light BRIGHT
Metal fasteners NAILS
Mowing tool SCYTHE
Older of two ELDER
One and one TWO
Plantations of fruit trees ORCHARDS
Prepare a drawing or model DESIGN
Clues Answers
Ridges created by the wind near the sea SANDDUNES
Seasonal confection EASTEREGG
Skilful teller of tales RACONTEUR
Slight skin abrasion SCRAPE
Slip, blunder ERROR
Slowly moving masses of ice GLACIERS
Small table-mats COASTERS
Smooths, presses IRONS
Stage undertones ASIDES
Strike HIT
Subjects, topics THEMES
Supplies food for parties CATERS
The use of exaggeration for effect HYPERBOLE
They clean chimneys SWEEPS
Trench DITCH
Warm up again REHEAT
Waste matter carried away in drains SEWAGE
Wild dog of Australia DINGO
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