Irish Times (Crosaire) – October 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A foreign trial journalist has not been through the hoops UNTESTED
Al Capone dismisses pal as a crafty type who’ll send you down the river CANOE
Both public relations propaganda and solemn act are not finished with enthusiasm SPIRIT
British Prime Minister is after a job in foreign upper house? Alternatively, a job running the council! LORDMAYOR
Broadcasting of something that concerns petrol heads TRANSMISSION
Cicero is taken from police court by mythical figure from the underworld PLUTO
Dance advertisement written by songwriter BALLAD
Design canoes for a number of different watery locations OCEANS
Detective’s record turning extreme agents in Republic, for one, leads to immunity DISPENSATION
Dish the dirt on small summit? That’s unacceptable! SPEAKOUT
Gas around Irish university is ranked super natural? OCCULT
Get someone’s goat locally taking head off pike with a thorn in one’s flesh ANNOYANCE
Giving up weed and stout maybe a reason one fell over TOPHEAVY
In a time-conscious State, intelligence is the sort of response one gets in the funniest of situations READYWIT
Clues Answers
It’s about what the secretary will do to confirm a password RETYPE
Member of The Abbey from company is one backing Sting COENOBITE
Mouthy type admits turning secret agent involved in the construction of The Wall GYPSUM
New issues with fashion worker’s shirt with top-stitching Developments
Nothing rare in air letters from a number of different addresses TITLES
Peter swallows type of wine that’s the pits – he should work it out in advance! PREDETERMINE
Po-faced about school figure mixing up colours PRISM
Pressure on one judge with black beard? PIRATE
Promoters of Scottish silks ADVOCATES
Romans left organised crime to those killing the king REGICIDE
This gives you some idea how long one is in The Cherry Orchard perhaps with Holly at amphitheatre TREERING
To compete with One Direction in intensity can be most profound HEAVIEST
Twice a year, bank review is new to the Irish in Holland BIANNUAL
Unknown quantity at college lead with anthem from The Joshua Tree YUCCA
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