The Guardian – Quick – October 11 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A habitual 18 DIPSO
All right (informal) OKEYDOKEY
Anticipate with pleasure LOOKFORWARDTO
Badly treated ILLUSED
Ballot POLL
Cricket’s appeal? HOWSTHAT
Day before EVE
Dire poets (anag) — put down again REDEPOSIT
Exhaustively ATLENGTH
Heavy drinking session BOOZEUP
Inebriated DRUNK
London stock exchange index FOOTSIE
Northern California university STANFORD
Clues Answers
Partially melted snow SLUSH
Perform music PLAY
Promise to abstain from alcohol TAKETHEPLEDGE
Propel in a high arc LOB
Public estimation REPUTE
Rabbit on WAFFLE
Ran away FLED
Slip back LAPSE
Space ROOM
Support for a column PEDESTAL
Vulnerable ATRISK
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