The Guardian – Cryptic – October 11 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A chap to scoff: ‘This is nutty!’ AMANDINE
Asian from north-east India crossing China NEPALI
Cloth coat for iniquitous husband dressed as a woman? DISHRAG
Colour error in still life finally in colour again REDEYE
Follow small holiday firm in a mess DOGSBREAKFAST
Footballers save clubs, raising a cheer from their fans BARCELONA
Free verse entertains old magistrate REEVE
Hear about a user playing for funds TREASURY
Heavily frosted diamonds? Sure! ICEBOUND
Holidaymaker boarding ship in rushes SCAMPERS
I’d like to be given a bell making little sound PHONEME
Illegally take sailor over Channel ABDUCT
In Spain, boy’s clad in girl’s hemp MARIJUANA
Introduce air to cool apartment number 5? INFLATE
Clues Answers
Isn’t America able to contain rogue Korean being grumpy? CANTANKEROUS
It will make capital, figure-hugging setter’s top? MONEYSPINNER
Knocked back soft drink and spirits in drinking bowl JORUM
Man on board hasn’t left station CASTE
Novel’s plot comprehended by a fine lady ADAMBEDE
Number one bread’s eaten for iron IBUPROFEN
Old boy dances with wife during Black Sabbath hits BODYBLOWS
Passionate group playing in Sleepy Hollow STEAMY
President aims to shatter eco-friendly movement PEDESTRIANISM
React with net shot, when players are resting ENTRACTE
Short passage only about a king EXCERPT
Smash hit set to be I’m A Believer THEIST
They’re stupid and second rate ASSESS
TV channel with doctor that was dropped twice HBOMB
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